Self Care Kit Essentials


We all know looking after yourself is important to have a healthy life. Self Care doesn’t have to be all bubble baths and chocolate (although it does feel good). I’ve put together a list of things that I love and can hopefully help you with your own self care routine too.

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Bose Noise Cancelling QCii

My favourite. A must-have for focusing on sound and blocking out distractions.

Chocolate Bouquet

Bought my dad one of these as a “Get Well” gift. He absolutely loved it - who wouldn’t! Make sure you don’t binge too much though.

Bullet Journal

Even writing little notes every day is proven to reduce anxiety and make you more mindful. The paper quality of this one is top-notch - I prefer it over Leuchtturm ones.

Weighted Blanket

Simulates a hug with weighted beads inside it and creates pressure to reduce your cortisol levels and help you get some shut eye.

Colouring Book

Taking time to sit and colour in can give you something to focus on instead of overthinking. Stay in the lines!

Fidget Cube

I use weird things like a coin, bottle cap or anything I can get my hands on but this one is purpose-built. Very cool.

Ethical Lush Bath Bomb

Really nice if you have a bath to sit and chill in. Nightmare to try to use in the shower though.

Noir Hand Wash

One of my absolute favourite smells. This hand wash started my obsession with the Sandalwood…

I Can Cards

A stack of cards with positive messages and reminders for deflecting anxiety.


Can help regulate my mood. I use these because they have 100mg of Magnesium in them which is great for regulating the nervous system (aka anxiety).

Vegan Self Care Candle

Bought one of these for my mum and she loved it. Burns for ages and smells perrrrfect! Lavender is also one of my favourite smells on earth.

Gym Membership

A good gym session can help you on those days when your brain is foggy or you need some happy hormones stat.

MyNoise App

Most used app on my phone that isn’t social media. I’ve used this for years and it’s helped a lot with sleep and concentration. Each noise has customisation levels - try it out.

Headspace App

One of the most well-known meditation apps. For good reason. Loads of different meditations for stress, anxiety, grief, anger; you name it.

Calm App

Highlights include Guided Meditations and Sleep Stories (even one read by Matthew McConaughey). Their Facebook group is a nice community too!

Insight Timer App

Over 13,000 guided meditations. It was the first meditation app I ever downloaded!


Self care is more than an activity, it’s a mindset.

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