What's the site about?

It started as a Travel blog called "Nomad Nevets" (holla to you if you remember). I wanted to document my travels around the world in a blog but ended up stressing too much because of my Anxiety. Then I saw a chance to own my Anxiety and turn it into something good and incorporate Mental Health into the blog. Plus - we could all do with normalising the conversation more!


Why did you decide to travel?

I mention it in my About Me page but it basically started as me taking advantage of being unemployed when I was moving city. It was the perfect time for a long period of travelling; I had reached my potential in my job role, I had no mortgage or children and I had found someone who wanted to come with me!


How do you afford to travel?

I manage to save £10k in the space of about a year. After deducting my visas, equipment, vaccinations (and 2 weddings), I was left with around £7k. I choose to travel in cheaper countries so my money goes further and make some money on the side with my Web Design business. If you make western money in eastern countries, you're pretty much sorted!


can i write a guest post?

I'm more than happy to have someone submit their posts for me to publish but it'll need to fit the tone and feel of my blog. There's no sense in a post about Vaping making it's way into my blog when it's focused on Travel & Mental Health lol. Shoot me an email if you want to submit a suitable post!


What platform do you use for your blog?

I started with wordpress.org. If you're not familiar, it's a self hosted website - you basically own the website itself and pay someone to host it on their servers. I used Wordpress because other bloggers had recommended it to me (most likely for affiliate reasons lol) but it also fit the bill with the scalability I wanted. I spent quite a bit of money for the bluehost hosting and going through a few paid themes to get the look I wanted. When my plan came up for renewal, I decided to switch to Squarespace. I design Squarespace websites for a living so it makes sense to have it all in one place! Also, I love the feel of their websites and it's *much* easier to tweak - something I do constantly!