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Holding Hands as a Gay Couple

I disappointed myself. When we were in Portugal, we spent the day at a water park. While we were walking around to get to the slides, Scott held my hand and I felt weirdly uncomfortable and let go. It wasn’t because I’m adverse to affection (we’re normally Velcro’d together) and it wasn’t because I was grumping with him. It was because I didn’t want people to stare at us…

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Why I Rebranded from Nomad Nevets

If you follow me on Social Media, you're probably aware that I've decided to rebrand my blog from "Nomad Nevets" to "Anxious Adventurer". I've been mulling it over for the past few months and it was starting to cause me some major anxiety - funnily enough! After chatting to a few pals, they reaffirmed my decision and I decided to take the leap and move away from Nomad Nevets.

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Impostor Syndrome - How I Overcome It.

Feel like you’re “winging it” and it’s a matter of time before someone calls you out? Same here! I first heard of Impostor Syndrome from one of my friends (he’s a Counselor). We were talking about Anxiety and I was ranting about how I didn’t feel like I was good enough to get another job in IT – despite all the good feedback I've had and 5 years of being a top performer in my team.

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