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Holding Hands as a Gay Couple

I disappointed myself. When we were in Portugal, we spent the day at a water park. While we were walking around to get to the slides, Scott held my hand and I felt weirdly uncomfortable and let go. It wasn’t because I’m adverse to affection (we’re normally Velcro’d together) and it wasn’t because I was grumping with him. It was because I didn’t want people to stare at us…

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Impostor Syndrome - How I Overcome It.

Feel like you’re “winging it” and it’s a matter of time before someone calls you out? Same here! I first heard of Impostor Syndrome from one of my friends (he’s a Counselor). We were talking about Anxiety and I was ranting about how I didn’t feel like I was good enough to get another job in IT – despite all the good feedback I've had and 5 years of being a top performer in my team.

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