Why I Rebranded from Nomad Nevets


If you follow me on Social Media, you're probably aware that I've decided to rebrand my blog from "Nomad Nevets" to "Anxious Adventurer".

I've been mulling it over for the past few months and it was starting to cause me some major anxiety - funnily enough! After chatting to a few pals, they reaffirmed my decision and I decided to take the leap and move away from Nomad Nevets.

Over the past year or so, I've thrown myself into learning about blogging, online businesses and marketing. In true Steven fashion, I became slightly obsessed with it! The more marketing/SEO content I was reading, the more doubtful I was feeling about my old name. It was always difficult to explain!

if I had to say "it's Steven spelt backwards" one more time, I was going to change my name by deed-poll!

Your website name should always pass The Mum Test! If you tell your mum what your website name is and she says "what? how do you spell that? what was it again? send me a link", you need to have another think!

My old name was also terrible for search engines. Google likes to help people and put things they want, right in front of their faces. If people wanted to find my blog but didn't know the name, it was next to impossible through a google search - "anxious ginger gay traveller with a blog" doesn't really throw me to the top of the pile! lol. The "Anxious Adventurer" is waaay more memorable and is more likely to help people who want to find my blog, find it! I also think that the new name fits my niche, content and overall "feel" much more than the old one!

The new name allows for a bit more flexibility too. I don't know if I'll always be a "nomad" travelling around without a home, and I'd feel super awkward if I stopped travelling and still had that name. I'll always be anxious and will always have adventures so it works!

I also love that the alliteration is still there. It soothes my OCD a bit 😍


Hopefully you agree and dig the new name! Stick with me pal and keep reading my things and looking at my pictures and stuff, I appreciate it!

Have a great day and be your best self ❤