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5 Ways Your Anxiety can be a Travel Asset

Anxiety over the years has warped into a concept that’s been wholly negative. We’ve put it in a box and labelled it our nemesis -- our easy-to-blame preventor of happiness.  But at its core, anxiety isn’t a negative emotion. It kicks us in the pants, it knocks us into place, it lights a fire under our butts and makes us get things done.

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How I Manage My Anxiety Disorder When Travelling

Travelling has been the best and worst thing for my Anxiety. It’s challenged me daily and given me all the exposure therapy that I could ever need. When you’re on the road for a long time, at some point or another you’ll experience unorganised transport, cancelled plans, burnout and travel fatigue. The great thing about it is, you learn how to deal with all of these things and come out the other side…

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