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Plan the Perfect Weekend in Aberdeen, Scotland

Scott and I have become somewhat specialists of planning the perfect weekend stays in Aberdeen. Since Scott lived 30 miles north of Aberdeen and I lived 30 miles south, it quickly became our half way meeting point for spending time with each other. We both had full time jobs in the city center too so the majority of our time was spent living the city life.

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Toilet Terror in Killarney, Ireland

At the start of my journey as a blogger, I thought it would be a smart idea to invest in a ticket to TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange). It's a conference for Travel Bloggers & Industry Professionals to gather from all around the world and network, learn skills and get a bit drunk. It became one of the best decisions I could have made but I'm still amazed I actually did it!

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Solo Travel in Europe - A Week in Italy

I always thought that travelling solo was for the extroverted, confident traveller who could talk their way across the world and make friends at the drop of a hat. This is why I always put it off because that’s not me… I eventually got to the point in my single life where I needed to take some action, disregard my anxiety and do it solo. I decided to go with Italy, because of carbs and Italian boys. 

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