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Review: The Blurt Foundation's #BuddyBox Subscription

I’d choose to have a monthly subscription over a one off box. You know when you’ve had a few too many wines and your amazon account gets a thrashing? then a couple of days later you get a truck full of surprise packages? That’s what the sub box is like. Little surprises of self care every month.

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5 Ways Your Anxiety can be a Travel Asset

Anxiety over the years has warped into a concept that’s been wholly negative. We’ve put it in a box and labelled it our nemesis -- our easy-to-blame preventor of happiness.  But at its core, anxiety isn’t a negative emotion. It kicks us in the pants, it knocks us into place, it lights a fire under our butts and makes us get things done.

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When It Comes to My Anxiety, Don't Say This...

I wanted to put together a little list of things that I really don’t like hearing whenever my anxiety comes up in conversations. Partly to vent (I am running on low sleep today 😂) but mostly to give you some advice if someone ever opens up to you about it, then you’ll have some footing as to what to do and say (and what not to)…

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