Review: The Blurt Foundation's #BuddyBox Subscription

*This subscription box was gifted to me by LoveSub

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My Self Care Session is now in full swing.

@LoveSubUK had messaged me over on Instagram when I was travelling around New Zealand and asked me to choose a box for review. They have a marketplace of HEAPS of subscription boxes on their website. Self Care, Food, Organic boxes for Dogs and the Coffee boxes caught my eye - everything I love really. I was spoilt for choice but opted for one of the self care ones (because, I’m obviously ‘bout that life’).. I narrowed it down to either Mind Charity’s “Pause For Mind” box and The Blurt Foundation’s “Buddy Box” but the latter won me over with pictures of their previous boxes.

Side note: how great is it that the subscription market have options for Mental Health and self care nowadays? Any progress towards normalising the Mental Health conversation, I dig. I was considering starting my own self care subscription box but when I looked into setting it up, it needed quite a bit of time and effort (that I obvs didn’t possess lol), so it’s much easier to just get yours sent to you through the post! Maybe I’ll revisit the idea in the future… watch this space 👀🤣

Between moving home and settling back into work/family life, I had forgotten all about the buddy box until it landed on my doorstep. Which is actually one of the main reasons I’d choose to have a monthly subscription over a one off box. You know when you’ve had a few too many wines and your amazon account gets a thrashing? then a couple of days later you get a truck full of surprise packages? That’s what the sub box is like. Little surprises of self care every month.


What’s Inside?

My Blurt Buddy Box is a collaboration with Sarah Alleyn so it had to have some iconic rainbows on. The theme and illustrations change every month but from the previous designs I’ve seen, they slay every time. Inside the yellow rainbow sleeve was a box and inside that was some yellow tissue paper hiding all the goodies - I appreciated this small detail of coordinating the colours, my obsessive tendencies rejoiced 😂

I dug into the box and spread everything out over the table to see my mini haul. I was quite impressed with the amount that it had inside:

  • A Little lovely note from the Blurt Team

  • Grounding Techniques

  • A Sensory Self Care Workbook

  • A Sticker Book

  • Some Soft Bamboo Socks

  • A Hot Chocolate Cup + Wooden Spoon

  • An Aromatherapy Goo

  • A Mini Magazine

The goo is my favourite because I love fiddling with things and essential oils are my JAM. The contents change every month but they all follow the same ‘self care/mood-lifting/comforting’ theme.

The normal box has at least 5 items a month but there is a ‘lite’ version which has 3. The standard subscription cost of the Buddy Box is £21 per month with the lite version coming in at a sexy £12 per month. You can choose to gift them too which is a lovely sentiment since we normally need a bitta help reminding ourselves about self care.

This Month’s Theme - Sensory Self Care

Sarah Alleyn is an Illustrator and Songwriter who has a Sensory Processing Disorder, which is a neurological condition that affects how your brain processes the senses. She has done a brilliant job on this collab and used some knowledge from occupational therapy, as well as her own experience for all the self care goodies. This month’s box is all about sensory care and using your 8 (yes, eight) senses to change your state. For example, using whatever sensory things make you energetic, to pull you out of a lazy state.


The workbook included is like a little journal to complete and take control of those eight senses. I filmed the video before I got a chance to sit down and read through the book, which is a noob mistake, but now that I’ve had time to get stuck in;

The principle is to jot down everything that moves your ‘arousal curve’ (kinda like your state of energy). If you’re feeling in a place of ‘low arousal’ (aka laziness, unmotivated etc), you can look back through the journal and see what you’ve put down for smells, touch, sounds tastes that make you fill with energy. I really like it! It’s interesting to sit down and actively think about everything that changes your state and what smells you love and what sounds make you want to beat your personal best in the gym.

As I think I mentioned in my video, I got stuck into the box after a long day at work, starting at 4.30am so I was a little exhausted and fragile. Reading the note made me swoon (and get a lil emosh) over the box and the message it stands for.

Hey Steven,

We’ve packed this BuddyBox with buckets of love, just for you. We hope the contents soothe the stress, ease the uneasy times, and help you to feel positively self-cared for.

Remember: there’s nothing at all that you can’t get through without the right help and support. Nothing.

Always rooting for you,
The Blurt Team <3


The sticker book would be perfect if you have a mental health journal. I’ve tried to journal countless times over the years but I always get really frustrated and my perfectionism ruins any fun to be had 😂 why can’t I draw a head without it turning into a potato?!

Next is the sensory check in which I really like. It’s a perfect example of how you can use your senses to control your mental state. I’ve posted about this before, but this is what I tend to do if I’ve feeling really overwhelmed or like I’m on the brink of an anxiety attack.

Sensory Check in:

Try to notice,

  • 5 things you can see.

  • 4 things you can feel.

  • 3 things you can hear.

  • 2 things you can smell.

  • 1 thing you can taste.

It forces your mind to focus on reality instead of whatever is making you overthink or get anxious.

The last few things I had in the box were also related to the senses. The company “Thought” gave us some bamboo socks which are really comfy - I wore them all day yesterday and they have lil clouds on them which is cute. I’m really diggin’ the sustainability movement happening right now and I can get behind anything that is organic, earth positive and sustainable. I’ll have these socks for years (if my dogs don’t eat them).

I ate the chocolate spoon too quickly to take a picture but it was tasty. I mean, once I figured out it wasn’t just a chocolate lollipop and you had to swirl it round some hot milk…

The last was my favourite. The “Calm” aromatic MohDoh putty. I’m always fiddling with stuff and thought that it’d be perfect as a stress ball, if I could stop the dogs trying to bite it. I did use it a lot and I’ve had it for about 3 days now and it’s dried out. So my advice would be to put it back in the pot whenever you’re not using it, and maybe try refreshing it with essential oils? Anyway, it smelt nice and my hands were smelling bomb for a while afterwards.


The Final Verdict

I really am a fan of the BuddyBox. I was surprised at the amount of things they put inside and it’s nice having a different theme each month. It’s £21 a month and if you can afford that then it’s worth it. If you want a different subscription box, LoveSub has a ton to choose from. Go give yourself (or someone else) a wee treat and get a surprise box of goodies each month. It’s like Christmas every 30 days!

Take care of yourself & have a good day,