[LIFE UPDATE] 2018: Half Year Review

Oh My God, it's only 9 weeks until we leave to travel the world 😱

For the past few weeks, I've felt like our departure date has suddenly jumped in front of me. I've always known it's coming (obviously) but I'm at that antsy stage where I feel TOTALLY overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to do before the 4th September and *wish* I had more time...

Time's almost up though!

  • ✅ The flights are booked.

  • ✅ The 2 month Safari Tour in Southern Africa is booked.

  • ✅ The Cape Town hostels are booked.

  • ✅ I've told my manager I'm leaving.

  • ✅ I've started to sell all my things.

The race to get everything organised in time is well and truly ON.

I'd like to do Monthly "Life Updates" for anyone who wants to know what's happening in my life; the highs/low and any adventures or interesting things that are going on etc.

The problem just now, is that I'm writing this in June and it's really difficult for me to remember the last 5 months (and they haven’t been too exciting) - my memory is like a sieve so I'll try to quickly summarize it month by month.


Jan started with me staying over at Scott's parents house for the first time. I spent most of that week pretending to be chill but internally screaming... It was weird, I didn’t think about it much until I was driving into his village (not a euphemism). I got so stressed out my lil heart felt like it was going to explode with palpitations but I’m pretty sure they liked me and I made it through without any social disasters - Win!

Later on in the month I had a leaving lunch with one of my best friends before she left to emigrate to Baku (all the way in Azerbaijan) and it was totes emosh 😭 It was a “Galentines” lunch with pancakes, waffles and best friends - my three favourite things.


Scott's sister left home to work in Canada for a year so we had a pretty epic leaving night for her (pretty sure I ended up vomming in Scott’s parent’s fancy bathroom). Before the spew though, I had to meet a TON of family and friends and I was nervous AF. They all came round to the house for loads of food and drink so I ended up clearing plates, tidying around etc - just so I wasn’t stuck chatting to someone 😂 It kept me occupied and everyone found out how clean and tidy I am so they liked me! The rest of the month was spent being on-call for work and forcing myself to focus more on my fitness. I realised my diet has been terrible and my fitness routine was absolutely appauling so I joined a new gym. I feel 10x happier once I've worked out so I used my Mental Health as motivation 😅


We started the month with a Suit Fitting for my sisters wedding, as I was Man of Honour. Luckily, the sizing was fine and I was actually smaller than I thought I'd be - yass to the body confidence! In other wedding related news, one of Scott's friends got married and we were invited to the reception. I remember sitting in the car for a good 15 mins psyching myself up before going inside - I was having a "super anxious day" for some reason...

I ended the month by going to see one of our favourite drag queens (Shangela) perform! She was amazing, flawless and epic. We laughed and danced until the wee hours ❤



At the beginning, I had a weekend trip down to Liverpool for my sister's Hen Do and it was SO good to get away from my routine and let loose! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the bride was well taken care of all weekend (by yours truly!). The apartments we stayed at were epic and the activities/shows we booked worked out perfectly 👌 We had some Buff Butlers arrive at the apartments on the Friday and I spent it awkwardly asking for drinks and trying to not make them feel awkward by staring. The saturday was LIT and we went for some Scouse Games (inflatable obstacle courses). It ended up absolutely pouring of rain and we ended early to fight the hypothermia but as Team Leader I was determinded to finish. I still insist that my team won... For the evening, we'd booked out a balcony inside Circo Club. It's a club that's designed around the circus theme and they put on a show with acrobatics, pole dancing and circus stunts. It was amazing and as soon as they mentioned the words "dance competition", my fam pushed me on stage. The anxiety was offset by the jugs of gin but I failed to impress the judge and he picked a girl who danced like she had worms.

It was perfect and I've never laughed more in one weekend.

Later on in the month our friends from London came to visit and we spent the day walking around Stonehaven (pic above). We hiked all the way from town to Dunnottar Castle and walked round for ages. I’d done leg day the day before which was a terrible idea because Dunnottar is infamous for its crapload of stairs. At least we got a healthy tan. A few days after, when I could barely walk, I had my first Travel Vaccination! I needed a course of Hep B jabs so I decided to start in Apr so I was all done by the time we leave. In hindsight, I should have started waaaay sooner, because some of them need to be spread out over the course of a year but never mind! Scott works in a pharmacy so he got employee discount too - bonus!


I finally decided to get my funky shoulder sorted out and booked an Ultrasound diagnostic scan. It's been bothering me since I injured it at the gym trying to be super masc and lifting too heavy. I hurt it a few years ago so I thought I'd get it checked before lugging a backpack around the world - smort 🤓.

Scott's parents (very generously) bought us tickets to an Indonesian cooking class at Nick Nairn's Cookery School, so we tried our hands at cooking (and didn’t burn the place down!). We made some Nasi Goreng and I was super impressed with the taste... It's a fried rice dish with chicken and veg in it but I also smothered mine in my new obsession, Sriracha Sauce, and it almost blew my head off. Lewis  was the chef that was taking the class and he was so nice and taught us a heap of stuff - I left feeling like I was well on my way to a Michelin Star. At the end of the class he mentioned that he was going to open his own cookery school and somehow (after a few glasses of free wine) I summoned the courage to message him afterwards, offering to design a SquareSpace website for his new business. First step to approaching potential clients - milestone!

Towards the end of the month, I took my best pal from work out for dinner to celebrate his birthday and we ate loads of Thai food and drank a few goblets of Gin. The week after was the first ever Grampian Pride!!!!

It went so well and I was amazed at the amount of people that turned up for it (a few thousand!). The weather was perfect and everyone had a lovely time. The last time Aberdeen had any kind of Pride Event, it was back in 2002 and 400 people turned up... Fingers crossed that Grampian Pride becomes an annual event and more people can get involved. I absolutely love pride and that feeling of being comfortable, feeling accepted and being proud of yourself ❤🌈

Anxious Adventurer - Grampian Pride

Anxious Adventurer - Grampian Pride


June was the month of "The Weddings"!

Not only did my sister decide to get married this year, so did my best friend so it's been weddings galore for the past few months. I've never know how much planning goes into a wedding until the people closest to me started to plan theirs 😅

The month started with my Best Friend's hen-do. A group of her best gal pals (and guy pal - me) took a surprise trip to Edinburgh. Her bridesmaids did an amazing job organizing a PERFECT weekend away which included a Gin Tour, highland games and the famous Dreamboys show (basically a "Magic Mike" show). The weather for the Highland Games was bomb and we all got sunburned while having some cheeky cardio throwing wellies and playing tug of war. The games brought out my competitive side brilliantly. That need to be the best makes me so focused on winning lol. Later on in the night, we had front row seats to the Magic Mike gyrating action and I loved all of it. So much so, that I was invited onstage by the drag queen host to showcase my lap-dancing skills on one of the boys. I was nervous as shit but knew I had some cheeky moves up my sleeve.. I was feelin' my moves so asked the guy to lie on the floor while I spread my legs like delicious marmalade and brought out the hip thrusters. I went in too hard (pun intended) and ended up pulling a muscle in my groin which left me hobbling for days. Totally worth it though.

Next was the build up for my sister's big day. She had been together with her hubby for the past 15 years or so, so it was a long time coming! It was the first time my whole family had been together in the same place for YEARS. They all traveled up from Liverpool and we stayed in a lovely manor house in the Scottish countryside - Scott and I spent the weekend pretending we'd won the lottery and this was our lives. The wedding was a major source of Anxiety for me. With all the people to speak to, things to get organised and the fricken SPEECH I had to give to around 100 people... I was doneee. I spent ages getting my first draft down on paper then edited it a billion times because obviously it was never going to be good enough lol. After spending the first night gluing the table plan together, I stayed up until midnight re-writing my speech... It worked out well though, I was happy with it! I ended up drinking quite fast (classic coping technique lol) and when it came to a final rehearse, I started slurring my words because I was already half cut. I downed a few glasses of water and the adrenaline must have sobered me up a bit because I did it! Very light and breezy like I hadn't been losing sleep over it for weeks 😂

The rest of the weekend was AMAZING and my sister looked stunning as always. My family (and the groom's) are an emotional bunch because we didn't stop crying all weekend 🙈 It was so nice having everyone in one place, chatting and having a good time. It reminded me how lucky I am to have a family as amazing as mine is. When everyone was leaving, they were saying their goodbyes and I started to get emosh thinking that it'll probably be the last time I'll see a bunch of them before we come back from travelling 😩 My tear ducts must have been as dehydrated as raisins though because I didn't cry - just gave some hugs and told them I'd see them again. I feel like I'm super awkward when it comes to goodbyes... probably because I'm clingy AF and hate thinking it'll be the last time. This bodes well for traveling the world, I know.


So there it is; my last 6 months in one post. Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

I'll try do one every month to keep you update on our travels and what we're doing etc but I can't promise anything (because I'm flaky and life is super busy lol). Also, I might do vlogs instead if I can get the confidence to film myself - keep a look out.

Go smash the last 6 months and be your best self ❤


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