Advice to Improve your Body Confidence

I’ve always had a bit of an issue with my body confidence.

Since eating an entire fudge cake when I was a little rotund child to eating a sneaky multi-pack of chocolate in the car the other week, I’ve always struggled to put the fork down. For years, I made myself feel bad about my body which made me comfort eat to feel better and started a cycle of sad chubbiness. I went through phases of crash dieting, fitness obsessions and even making myself sick but my mindset only improved when I started to practice a bit more self-care and started to love myself for who I am, rather than the way I look. Obviously I still have days when I comfort eat or don't like the lumps and bumps I see in the mirror but feeling a bit sh*t about your body seems really common. The majority of people I’ve spoken to, dislike their bodies in some way and it’s disheartening.

The human body is an amazing feat of biological engineering and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because yours looks a bit different than everyone else’s. Society teaches us to compare ourselves to others constantly and it’s ingrained in us from an early age. The media bombards us with photoshopped pictures of celebs 24/7 and if you’re carrying a bit of extra weight (or not enough weight), you’re considered unattractive or unhealthy.

Although it’s great to constantly want to improve yourself to be the best version of you, there’s a lot to be said for individuality and loving yourself for who you are, rather than what you look like.

Once you stop focusing on what’s wrong with your body and start to focus on what it can do, you’ll start to notice a change in your happiness. You’ll start to take all that wasted energy from being mean to yourself, and apply it to different areas of your life. Self-deprecating behaviour is exhausting and it takes its toll on your mental well-being. Take that energy and focus it on something more positive, like exercise, hobbies or even just reasserting body-positive mantras to yourself.

I find that the keeping a few things in mind, helps me to brush off that “hey fatty!” voice that occasionally creeps out:

  1. Be nice to yourself. It sounds easy to say but it can be hard to implement. Get out of the habit of being mean to yourself.

  2. Treat yourself as you’d treat others. If you wouldn’t call someone a fatty and point out all of their “bad” parts, don’t do it to yourself. If you want to be positive on the outside, be positive on the inside.

  3. Focus on the good parts. As much as you can, tell yourself all the good things you notice about yourself. It will serve as a reminder that you’re bomb AF and having a bit of jiggle doesn’t outshine all the other amazing aspects of you.

  4. You always think you’re body is worse than it is. Ever looked back on a pic of yourself from ages ago and had body envy? At the time, I bet you thought your body had loads of areas for improvement? You never appreciate how good your body is at the time. Start appreciating it now.

  5. Smiling is sexy AF. Confidence is sexy. I recently watched the film “I Feel Pretty” and it shows that having a different outlook on your appearance, changes how others see you from an outside perspective (also, I think Amy Schumer is hilar).

You can conquer the world with lumps, bumps, and jiggly bits. Remember to focus on your abilities as a person, rather than all the little bits that can be tweaked cosmetically and your self-confidence will rise.

It’s not egotistical to embrace your positive aspects either - if you feel like you look bomb AF, work it!!

Take some of these points and apply them to your life for a better approach to your own body confidence.

Be kind, Love yourself & be the best version of you.


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