Essential Gifts for Backpackers


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Confession time... I'm obsessed with all those travel trinkets and gadgets.

I love a practical gift though and most of them make travelling SO MUCH easier and much less hassle!

Around any special "gift-giving" holiday, I'm always hoping that my family are a bunch of mind-readers and know exactly what to get me! To be fair, I'm a pretty difficult person to buy for.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that my "safe" gift categories can be summarized as:

  • Anything Beyonce Related (because... Queen.)

  • Backpacks (I have tonnes and love every one of them)

  • Fitness Gear

  • Gadgets (an obsession influenced by my career in IT)

  • Anything Travel Related (from passport holders to paper soap).

So with all the special occasions coming up, I thought I'd put a list together of 9 Essential Gifts for Backpackers, to help any stressed-out gift giver. And also my boyfriend, if he's reading this... :)

A Travel Journal | [£10.00]

Scott introduced me to the world of travel journals and now I never trip without one. His are FAR more creative and hipster than my scribbles but it's still an essential! We're fans of the Noto Notebooks because they're usually small enough to chuck in your day bag and have the horizontal elastic across the book. This way, there's more of a chance of your journal staying together even though it's bulging with all your ticket stubs and photos!

I'm currently using this funky map/travel looking one for my round the world planning/notes:

I've used this larger one in the past and found it easier to write on due to its size but it's less portable. Pros and Cons! :


Multi Power Adapter | [£15.99]

There’s nothing worse than going abroad then realising you either forgot to bring an adapter or (like I have done), brought the completely wrong one. This one is a life saver! It has all 4 power adapters built in so you don’t have to stress about which one you need; just chuck this in your bag and you’re sorted. It’s got 2 USB ports too for simultaneous charging – bonus!

Extendable Cable Lock | [£17.93]

This padlock has an extendable cable so you can wrap it around a bunch of different things. I tend to worry about leaving my kit in hostels whilst I’m out and about so the more security I have, the better I’ll sleep. This wrap around cable is amazing for hostel stays, chaining your bags to bunkbeds, bikes and practically anything else!

I’ve used the Lindy brand quite a bit with Laptop locks etc and they’ve always been reliable!

Packing Cubes | [£14.99]

These have upped my packing game so much! I never used to be able to pack properly (even with the "rolling" technique!) and with my Osprey, I missed having the different compartments and zip pockets my other bags have. The packing cubes are a godsend for organisational nerds like me.


I have one for T shirts, one for shorts, underwear is separate, shoes are in another and a dirty laundry bag to keep me on track.

Waterproof Bags | [£6.98]

Things always go wrong for me so any chance to minimize risk, I'll take it! If you’re heading out surfing or just chilling at the beach, stuff all your kit into one of these and it’ll stay bone dry!

RFID Blocking Wallet | [£17.90]

If you don't know what RFID is, it's the tech used in Contactless Credit/Debit cards. If you don't have an RFID blocking wallet/purse, thieves can come and scan your back pocket and take a good amount of money from your card without you realizing. Stay woke. (Also, this Osprey one is sexy).

Power Bank | [£35.99]

Everyone should have one of these for on the road. I've had the older model of this one for a while and it lasts SO LONG! It charges my phone a few times and my iPad too.


I'd like it to be a bit more lightweight but for the price and capacity, it does the job perfectly.

Scrubba Wash Bag | [£42.99]

I've met a couple of Backpackers that swear by these Scrubba bags, that's why it's on my Wish List! They're great for washing clothes on the go, especially if you don't want to be "that guy" who spends ages in the one hostel bathroom washing clothes.

Biodegradable Soap Leaves | [£2.99]

You'll need something like this if you don't want to carry liquid detergent in your luggage (riskaaay!). You can use them for normal washing of your body and also in the scrubba bag for your clothes. Two birds, one stone. Bosh.

So there you have it! Hopefully you found some bits and bobs to spoil your loved ones or yourself with (treat yo'self)!

Now go be the best version of yourself and have a fantastic day! ❤

- Steven


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