About “Anxious Adventurer”

A personal, laid-back blog focused on Mental Health and World Travel.

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me (aka, any other readers apart from my family), I’m Steven 🖐

This blog came about after I was brainstorming ways to keep me busy during my Gap Year. I knew I'd drive myself crazy by not having a project or hobby to focus on so I decided to document all my travels in one place. A few years back, I was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder. It basically means that I stress and worry about nothing and everything at the same time - which absolutely sucks. My Mental Health was a big focus of my life throughout the whole of 2017 and even though I'd been through counselling the year before, my Anxiety got worse and CBT wasn’t working. I was struggling with the thought of building my own business as well as travelling the world and it was all a bit much.

After feeling a bit sorry for myself, I decided to turn my anxiety from something that feels like taboo into something positive and focus my blog around it - especially after experiencing the amount of stigma around Men's Mental Health. I feel like I need to do my bit to spread the word and help normalise the discussion!

I can definitely be classed as an “over-sharer” but I think it’s nice to form relationships and connect with different people - enjoy the ramblings! It’s also extremely important for us to talk about Mental Health more too. I've found that writing about my experiences has given me a bit more control over my anxiety freak-outs and if anything, has taught me more about anxiety than I knew before. 

If you feel like you need someone to speak to or professional help, please contact your doctor or therapist. You can also speak to the team @ Mind - The Mental Health Charity.

Look after yourselves and have a great day.