About Anxious Adventurer

"Anxious Adventurer" is a personal laid-back blog focused on Mental Health and World Travel. 

The blog came about after I was brainstorming ways to keep me busy during my "year off" work. I knew I'd drive myself crazy by not having a project or hobby to focus on so I decided to document all my travels in one place. My Mental Health was a big focus of my life throughout the whole of 2017. Even though I'd been through counselling the year before, my Anxiety seemed to get worse. I was struggling with the thought of building my own online business as well as travelling the world.

After feeling a bit sorry for myself, I decided to turn my anxiety from something that feels like taboo into something positive and focus my blog around it. Especially after experiencing the amount of stigma around Men's Mental Health. I feel like I need to do my bit to spread the word and help normalise the discussion! 

I can definitely be classed as an “oversharer” but I think it’s nice to form relationships and connect with different people. It’s also extremely important for us to talk about Mental Health more too. I've found that writing about my experiences has given me a bit more control over my anxiety freak-outs and if anything, has taught me more about anxiety than I knew before. 

About Me

Hey Pals, I'm Steven and I make websites for people and travel around the world with my boyfriend, Scott.

I was quite quiet as a kid, growing up in a small fishing village in Scotland. I'd prefer to spend time by myself on my computer rather than hanging around with people and not much has changed lol. I'm not sure if it was related to my anxiety but I was always obsessed with stationary, organisation and moving my bedroom furniture around.


Unlike most Travel Bloggers, I can't remember being interested in Travel as a kid. I was lucky enough that my parents took me and my sister abroad quite frequently but I never really had big dreams to travel the world. In my late teens, I was quite focused on my plan of settling down with a hubby, french bulldog and a mortgage and it wasn't until my 20's that I started to change. 

After embracing the "Strong Independent Single Lifestyle" for a few years, I plucked up the courage to book tickets to Italy. 

I remember absolutely shitting myself when I was leaving but my mum was so proud of me for having my own solo adventure. My parents have always encouraged me to get out and see the world - something they didn't do when they were young. I'd planned my Italy trip to a tee since my anxiety was feeding the obsessive tendencies. I ended up meeting amazing people and igniting my love for travel.

I was absolutely devastated when I came home and started to plan my next adventure immediately. I made plans to move to either London or Edinburgh depending on my job situation. After Scott and I met, we started talking about the possibility of moving to Edinburgh. We decided to take advantage of both of us being "Job-Free" and travel the world for a month. It changed to 2 months, 6 months then a year. Then we decided to try to travel until we decide to stop


I suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for a long time – I just never knew what it was and wrote it off as just being “Worried”, “Obsessive” or just a “Perfectionist”. It wasn't until I had an Anxiety Attack that I started to learn more about it. I *eventually* made an appointment with my doctor who referred me to a counsellor for a heap of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) sessions. 

I'm still quite an Anxious person but I've learned to accept that part of who I am (rather than feeling ashamed or embarrassed). Talking to other people about it helps immensely too. I still have days when I feel like I'm snowed under with my own thoughts but knowing what causes it and the techniques to combat it, keeps me feel in control!

If you feel like you need someone to speak to or professional help, please contact your doctor or speak to the team @ Mind - The Mental Health Charity.

Look after yourselves and have a great day.