About My Blog:

When it was originally created a few years ago, my blog (called ‘Nomad Nevets’ back then) was a place to post about my travels so that my Facebook friends wouldn’t get annoyed at the constant #travel photos from my gap year (classic anxiety paranoia…). It quickly evolved into a blog focused around mental health, once I realised how much my anxiety affected my life and my experience travelling. I decided to try to turn something typically “taboo” into something that we can be open and honest about.


About ya boi, me:

I’m a Englishman by birth (big up Liverpool) but I’ve spent the majority of my life growing up and living in Scotland - so I’m practically half Scottish nowadays!

Back in 2016 I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I never really knew anything was wrong with the whole constant overthinking, heart palpitations and everything else - I know I’d be a shit doctor! It wasn’t until I ended up having a panic attack after work one day that I decided to go to see the doctor.

I’ve always been open and a bit of an over-sharer but even I struggled with the shame and stigma around mental illness. I wasn’t comfortable telling people about my doctors appointments, counselling or mentioning my mental health at all - even though it’s a huge part of my life.

After feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in my life at the end of 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith and travel around the world with my boyfriend. We planned to travel for as long as we could, without sticking to a strict plan. It was a huge decision for me, since I’m always overthinking every situation and I’m a wee introvert at heart (classic infj).

We spent a year travelling around Southern Africa, India, South East Asia, Indonesia and New Zealand before making the decision to go home. This year was probably the hardest for my Mental Health. It was the longest I’d been away from my tight-knit family, I wasn’t on medication, didn’t have the NHS, no regular income and I’d just started my own Squarespace web design business. I had some serious low points but was determined to make the most of the opportunity we had. That gap year taught me more about myself and my mental health that I could have imagined.


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